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Stupid Hurts

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I'm living proof.

It's a season for inclement weather. Sometimes there's sandy crud all over the road for when the snow is making things slick. Sometimes people with pickup trucks drive around getting rid of all the water the rain deposited in the beds. Sometimes people drive like their defrosters don't work.
Now it gets inspirational. If you ride behind a pokey person and get frustrated, you may find yourself hurrying around a right turn after pokey finally gets to the left turn lane. Combine this lack of good thought with a cold tire and the afore-mentioned crap on the road, and you too can begin to think of the cool new paint schemes you can put on your new helmet and repaired bodywork after you get your bike picked up off the road.
Road conditions generally suck this time of year, and now I get to fix and paint.:frown:
Oh well, at least I didn't need help picking my stupid self up. I'm glad some guy helped me pick the bike up, though.
Guess I'll be a cager for a few days.:cry:

Remember- Stupid Hurts. I'll be glad when my back and ribs are smarter.
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Well, sorry to hear of your misfortune. Glad you can sport a sense of humour about it.

Best of luck healing up.
sorry to hear about your crash but you gotta toss the helmet if it hit the ground.
Sorry to hear but at least you aren't too hurt. New paint is always good right? :)
Ooo....new paint. I suggest YELLOW!!!
Yellow is cool but I like pearl white! Heal quick. Lots of the white crap here cagin time for me too.
C'mon man, you gotta show off your handiwork. That way we can all appreciate the repair job. Good thing is you're okay, bike can be fixed.
Glad you're generally ok and the damage isn't too extensive. Wish I could say I've never been there but.....
That sux something hardcore...but with me...I live and I learn...and you've lived...and now you've learned...It's really the best (though sometimes painful) way to learn things I think. You never fully grasp it by words alone.
oh and I think a nice Candy Apple Red would be nice!
Ouch. Glad you weren't too badly hurt.

Hope you get your bike fixed in time for spring riding.
All the words of encouragement are appreciated. Quoting you all would take more time than my break allows. My son is going to let me borrow his new Arai until I get a replacement, and now I have a good excuse to go to Harbor Freight and get a plastic welder. I'll have to make sure I take pictures of how I fix it.
Anybody know of a side view line drawing of a Concours? Maybe a side view of a white Connie? I want to print a few and give them to some artist friends and ask if they feel like designing some kind of cool paint scheme. I would even send copies plus a SASE to get the colored version back from anybody here who wanted to take a stab at it. I've only got one bike, so only one design can make it onto it, but whoever draws the winner can have their name added to it as the designer.
Hey Charlie. Glad you are ok. Sorry to hear about the bike. But, like stated above, live and learn.
sorry to hear about your crash but you gotta toss the helmet if it hit the ground.
Remember to remove the head before tossing it out:lol:

Glad your ok with a good attitude about it. Some folks I know get way too peeved over much less.
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