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hi everyone
at long last the skys have cleared :lol:
spent a couple of nights cleaning and polishing the ol h2
i recently joined our local vintage japanese club
so hopefully will get out on a few runs
looking forward to may here in northern ireland
as we have our big day out at the NW200 road races
huge crowds always turn out and bikers from all over europe
come over to watch the races
i think my bike may cause a bit of a stir. not many of these machines about.
probably the older bikers will know what this bike is all about :lol:
it was only designed to frighten the life out of anyone brave enough to
ride one.
if anyone is interested i have a pic of my bike in the vintage section
anyway keep out of the hedges
cheers smokeyh2

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Although I have been able to ride all year, This last month has been really nice. Think I am one of the few not saying much about are drought like conditions. h2 give 'em hell with the 2 stroke. :twisted:
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