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anybody here replace a 4:2 with a single Vance and Hines Canister?
am about to purchase one to replace my loud and rather open
F1R Cobras

and am wondering whether I can do it without a stage-1 jet kit...

as I am going from 4:2 reasonably open baffled Cobras
to a 4:1 quieter single can....

won't the bike tend to run a bit less lean than before?
which is what I want...


feel free to email me directly...

my bike is an 87' Zx100A GPZ/Ninja and aside from throaty, and looking a bit worn, the cans seem to run the engine a tad lean
(I cannot repack one of them as it has been welded)...

and the only replacement I can find is a single Vance and Hines canister
(complete w/ headers for $320) F1R's will run $277 each if available as they are discontinued.

am trying to remember basic exhaust theory,
but to switch to a single quieter can should make it run a bit less lean....
due to more backpressure...

or am I incorrect?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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