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Please somebody tell me how to hook up a electronic tach on a Vulcan witch has 2 ignition coils.

I bought a V-twin électronic mini tach on EBay for 50$. It was advertized like this. "V-twin mini tach Harley, Metric". I figured it was good for the Kaw.

I got it this week and proceeded to install it. I had in hand a wiring diagram for the tachometer and the wiring diagram of the bike. When I fired up the engine, I was disapointed to see that the gauge is not behaving like it should. Looks like the needle is sticking.

Here are the instructions for the gauge. Gauge wires. Red wire on ignition terminal of ignition switch. Green wire on ignition coil trigger. (that would be the black/green wire on the bike) and finally the black wire to ground.

Here's my concern. I have two coils and I hooked it up to the trigger of one coil. Is that OK. Or- are these tachs incompatible with 2 coil V-twins. Or- did I buy a piece of $%#?.

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