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I've been lookin' thru some of the posts here & it seems there are a lot of people advocating taking yer carbs to the dealer because they're too complicated or sumthin'. Well, I knew nuthin' about carbs this time last year. I'd taken 'em off of the bike before & looked at the floats, but that's about it. Anyway, I took 'em off again & tore them down completely so that I could soak the carb bodies in the Berryman's. You know, the carb cleaner that comes in the gallan can with the handy dipping basket. It was easy. Not as easy as fryin' an egg, but do-able, albeit a little time-consuming . The only bear about 'em, really, is gettin' 'em off & on the bike, but there is one trick that I know of that makes it easy. Talk about removing the mystery from those things. They go back together pretty much one way, so it's virtually impossible to fudge the reassemby. Just remember that yer dealin' with a bunch of small, brass parts, so use good fittin' tools & go easy on 'em. Cheapo plastic divided containers (numbered 1 thru 4) help keep things organized. And the adjustments when you've got it back together? There are only three: the throttle slide height, the air mixture screw & the float height. Well, the float height should be done wet & it can be time consuming, but the dealer doesn't use any magic to get it done better - which is what counts. He may have an expensive tool; clear tubing & some ingenuity works just as well. The same goes for the throttle slides, although ya do need an expensive manometer to sync the carbs after they're re-installed on the bike. You can make a cheap manometer, but if ya buy the good one just remember that you only have to buy it once. The air mixture screws can be fiddly, but the do-it-yerselfer can fiddle with them just as easy as the paid mechanic . . . and a bit cheaper I might add. Some carbs have a plug over the air screw to discourage any mixture adjustment: my disclaimer. And the carb on/off trick that I failed to mention? Just lift up the seat, remove the air filter, then pull the carb airbox boots off the carbs & push 'em into the airbox. Doin' that gives ya room to pull the carbs back & off of the carb holders there on yer engine. You say yers are too hard to push thru? Then ya need new ones which'll save ya some grief. And the money ya saved doin' yer own carbs will pay for those new airbox boots that ya needed anyway. hee.

So if yer low on cash, tear the carbs down yerself, use some common sense when ya look things over, & reassemble carefully so as not to bugger up the brass fittings. Set the floats & throttle slides carefully. Oh that reminds me: to set the throttle slides all the same, do it via the drill bit method with the throttle pulley spring removed. If you've got the stock exhaust, then stock settings will do. Aftermarket exhaust & air filters do pose a bit of a challenge in choosing jets: disclaimer number two. And the money you save will help pay for the good manometer. hee.


1981 KZ650-H1 CSR w/ VM24SS Carburetors
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