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TFI vs. PowerCommander III/USB

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I'm adding a Thunder AirKit to my Meanie, already setup with V&H Straightshots. I've been reading about both these FI adapters and each have their advantages. From the PC website I can't find a map that duplicates my setup but I'm also not sure how sensitive and particular the TFI will be and if I'll be able to do the setup right based on the POT settings and advice I've seen on their website. Any recommendations, experience or advice from current users?
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Phatboy said:
costs less
only add fuel
is fairly easy to adjust yourself

costs more
adds or subtracts fuel
adjust by connecting to PC or Palm

With either you can find setups online and for both you can go to the dyno to have it set up right. The Powercommander offers a lot of options such as mapping the cylinders seperately and the fuel pump utility. From what I've seen , the maps take fuel away quite a bit so the TFI bike will probably run rich at certain rpms/ throttle positions.

The TFI is tuned with 3 ranges of rpms (and the 4th dial I dunno), as opposed to the powercommander that maps all rpms in 250/500 increments at nine different throttle poistions. So the TFI has 4 things to adjust as opposed a PCIII map which will have 99-414 blocks which can be adjusted.

So you can tune it with TFI or fine tune it with Powercommander. The PCIII with a custom map would be more than twice the cost of the TFI. I went with the Powercommader and had a custom map done because I'm just frivolous like that when it comes to my bike ;-)


i'll just jump on that one as well
very happy with my PCM and will be even more so when i get it dyno tuned
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