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It seems I'm about the only one posting tonight (the new guy who can't shut up), but while I'm feeling sappy and sentimental, I thought I'd tell you guys how much I appreciate the advice and helpful info. I've never been mechanically inclined, but y'all have inspired me to do a few maintenance things on my own. I learn a lot everyday and much of it is because of you. I guess I'd better shut 'er down before I ruin my keyboard with tears!
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T-Man, Makensie was joking, thus the "Kidding......." at the end of his post.

Dawg, getting sentimental is okay especially with a group this awesome. I have never been one to have a computer "addiction" until I stumbled upon this site. I think Spok said it best about having a "feeling of belonging to a large community if not family" which is exactly what we do have here. There are many times that I'm feeling discouraged or downright ticked off about Sassy. I know that she'd have been running last month if I still lived around all of my friends in MI who would jump in and help me get her running in a weekend. Then I remember that I have at least 20 friends that are a computer screen away that are cheering me on, "KNOWING" that she'll be running soon. You don't find that very often in this day and age. I do not have a great deal of patience, but I've learned that deep down I do have perseverance, and that is what is going to get her running. And then I'll have the forum, and myself to thank!
Pass me a glass of that wine would ya?! :)
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Alex, that comment was so typical of you.... :wink: but you stole my line! I always say to our friends, "Glad you got the chance to see me!" and they just laugh. :)

Right back at ya! Glad you've had the awesome experience of meeting all of us!
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