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It seems I'm about the only one posting tonight (the new guy who can't shut up), but while I'm feeling sappy and sentimental, I thought I'd tell you guys how much I appreciate the advice and helpful info. I've never been mechanically inclined, but y'all have inspired me to do a few maintenance things on my own. I learn a lot everyday and much of it is because of you. I guess I'd better shut 'er down before I ruin my keyboard with tears!
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I'm getting all misty now. I too have found this board a great place to chit chat, learn, laugh and just meet new friends. Your not the first and most likely not the last to share these sentiments. One of the reasons I come here so often is the feeling I get of belonging to a large community if not family...Thanks to you too Dawg..
Bud said:
Hey Mr MAKENZIE 71. I owe you a HUGE apology !! I JUST DID catch that little tiny "kidding" at the very bottom of your VERY long screen. My mistake for zipping thru it, and then feeling that I had the right to get a "little testy". I will gladly accept three strikes with the whip, and still buy you a drink, K? :(
Hey bud, were you teste with me too, cause I could use a drink too...:)
Bud said:
Be careful Mr Spok, people will start thinking that you're just another pretty face, and easy to boot !! But yeah, you bet I'll buy ya one, the first chance I get, K?
lol bud...for the right person I am easy...
likewise alex...likewise
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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