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the 1500 vulcan time bomb , do you have one?

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Hello to all riders who have a plastic oil pump gear ,would anyone know the % of failures for this gear problem ?, Apparently the reason it fails is the CLUTCH SPRING TABS extend through the bottom of the clutch basket ... and make contact with the plastic gear , keeping it from rotating ,, causing it to strip the teeth ..... Anyone know if the tabs extend through the clutch basket from clutch wear ? maybe some preventive maintenance will safe the trouble of splitting the motor to change gear to metal
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Dude.... The 2003 dosn't have a POG. They disappeared in 1999. Not all POG's fail. In fact it is a relatively rare occurrance. That doesn't help if it is yours! The dealer here (Kelly's) will replace your POG under warranty if you ask them right.
The second gear issue was probably caused by dropping the bike on the left side and jamming in the shift linkage. Yes, it is expensive to repair, but not related to the oil gear.
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