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The EX500 can pull 3rd gear out of tight turns!

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I took a trip to the Dragon yesterday. It was beautiful--not much traffic and no LEOs (sorry no pics this time; oops, I lied). Everytime I have been there before, I ran it in 2nd gear thinking that the ex500 would not have enough to get the bike back up if I needed it and kicked myself for having such poor throttle control. On my 3rd run, I was trying to keep up with someone and found myself taking everything in 3rd gear and it was a revelation! Throttle on and off was much smoother and I was taking turns much faster as a result. It really felt much better and let me concentrate more on my turns. That still didn't stop me from getting smoked by several people, but I had fun!
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Oh, such nice pix! And all those Ninjas…

I am never thinking about what gear I am in when I am cornering. Maybe when I get to cornering better, I will recall your advice here.
Thanks! Killboy is a great site. Such diversity in some really cool bikes. I am always humbled when I go there, because there are people there that just seem to defy the laws of physics (without crashing).

"Maybe when I get to cornering better..." Learning is where the fun is for me. I'm a long way off of where I want to be, but I'm having a great time. Enjoy!
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