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Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 7:26 am

dont know if anyone will be able to help me as im wondering if the plug gap on my bike should be set any different from standard as its fitted with a stage 3 dynojet kit.
The bike is zxr 750 j1, and it has ngk cr9e plugs with a 0.7mm gap.
The plugs were changed a couple of weeks back and since then the bike no longer kicks like it did at 10,000rpm


Thanks to the replies on my plug gaps question :wink:
Having done some head scratching i managed to track down a mechanic mate of mine who seemed to think the original plugs may have been shot, as the bike should be smooth in its power delivery rather than having a kick in the pants power band............so as we speak im waiting on an air filter as the other one was very blocked.
Just thought id update and run this past you guys, see what you think

original post at top may make more sense now :oops:
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