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The little guy said it.
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The Donkeys then tried to figure out why arresting gear would cause such a controversy:

(I had to explain to them that Tailhook referred to a convention, not necessarily the arresting gear for the F-14).

BT was thoroughly impressed with the size of the F-14, and the ordnance it carried:

And Jackass loved the stripe down the fuselage:

They decided to take a break under the aircraft...

...which provided them with a LOT of shade.

Jackass dragged BT over to another fighter on display:

Which was also quite big. And fast, it its day.

And then they visited another one, which was also quite interesting in its design:

Big, hungry intake:

Watch out, Donkeys!

They did. Nothing bad happened, I promise. We did get to go look at some ships, but due to security restrictions, could not get close to them for photos.


got lost along the way
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Awesome pics Donnie!! Looks like the boys had a great time :)

Reminds me of the Air Park I went to last July. They were having a car show, and they let a few bikes in too. After the show, they let us roam around and take pics of the bikes with the plans. The Airforce photographer took pics of my bike and posted them on their FB page. It was pretty cool! But I think I've told you guys this before. LoL

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The Donkeys came to revisit mdqueenz and mxdesa in NY, it had been a long 7 years seen they last saw each other!

They were so excited to go on this trip. It was going to be a 3 day trip! BT, spent hours studying the route we were going to take. He couldn't wait!

MD and MX decided to meet in Port Jervis, NY and start their trip from there. BT had mentioned how he wanted to ride Hawk's Nest and wanted to see the Delaware.

Here they are at the meeting point:

Shortly after departing, as we rode Hawk's Nest, BT asked to stop so he could look out and see the beautiful Delaware river.

He even asked for Mxdesa to take a picture with him!

As we continued up RT-97 along the river, BT saw a bridge and he asked to stop once again. He later came to find that this was Roebling bridge, the oldest wire suspension bridge in the US!

Then, just as the trip was getting started and the donkeys were having a great time, bad luck happened.

Mdqueenz riding in the lead, struck a deer and crashed along route 52 as he was approaching Narrowsburg, PA.

Thanks to his gear, besides a few scrapes, and a couple of sore muscles, he made out OK. The bike also fared pretty well considering the circumstances.

The trip was cut short and the bike was trailered back down the next day.

The donkeys were very sad that the trip had to be cut short, but very glad that everyone made out OK (except for the deer).

He vowed to help get the bike back up and running as soon as possible so that the trip could be done at a later date.

As soon as he got home, he logged in to Amazon and looked for his next motorcycle accessory:

He thinks he's a funny guy!

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Long time, no see! Those two clowns, Ken the HD Guy and I have logged a lot of miles together, good to see they're still alive and well. Be safe out there guys!

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The Terrible Twosome have returned to KS, just in time to get the bike ready for Colorado.
Wish I could click on the thumbnail to see the photo better but it says I am forbidden. :(

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Well, the Colorado trip turned into a SD trip due to the fire near Durango. Working on getting the pictures uploaded but in the mean time the twins are anxious to move onto their next round of debauchery.
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