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so, i have everything except for plastics, let me know what you need, and if i get enough replys i will part this bike out next weekend.. i can supply pictures and information about all parts

year 1989
model zx6c zx600c
miles 25000

this bike is a weekend cruser, and has served me well, but has recently developed a slight miss in the #3 cylinder it has 120# of pressure compared to 130-140# on other cylinders. carbs look almost news i think its airbox related so beware on airbox parts. I have a clean rear rim with new tire, and a clean front rim with rotten tire, good wiring, good cdi box&fuse box, good coils, and many more

honestly besides the slight miss in #3, and no plastics the thing is in great condition

so let me know, if you want you can email me at [email protected]

Im located in north central illinois.

Im not sure if im willing to part with the whole bike frame but i do have a title for it, im thinking i will use it for a project if i cant get a decent price for it
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