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This is what I'm looking for (sissy bar) What do you think?

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I didn't get any response from my Mean Streak sissy bar request. I'm not that surprised because I've looked around without success. Unless someone knows where I can find something like this (see thumbnail below) I'm probably going to have to make one.

I like the steep angle on this bike. It creates that "going fast while standing still look". The angle is close to matching the rake of the front end. The back support can be put on when the wife wants to ride along. She's not much for long rides. Though, it may look fine with it on all the time.

At the price I've seen for some of the simple looking sissy bars I could maybe make a few extras to defray some of the costs of the cushion and the chrome. Any interest? Any opinions?


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I like the looks of the second one with the padding on it.
/\ I do too! But that kinda defeats the looks of the Meanie IMHO! Maybe try Corbin seat, someone on here posted pics of there seat that the backrest folds down and becomes part of the seat.
I've seen that seat on line. Anyone have experience with the Corbin seat?

On the other hand, I like the look of the mean streak seat the way it tails off into the fender. I don't think that I will be riding two up much. When I do it will be short rides to the beach. What I'm thinking is the raked back sissy bar with maybe a plasma cut design in the center. Idaho sent me a photo of his with a cutout of a horse head inside it all chromed. Maybe the Vulcan "V" or something original. It will create a custom feature. A pad could be fabricated to clip or slip on when needed.

I'm thinking that I'm going to try it. I have welding and machining capabilities at my disposal. Time is the only factor. It's not like it will keep me from riding.
Looks nice...
That low look is why I bought the Corbin Mini.
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Yes it does! The air scope in front of the radiator adds some nice lines. Is that the seat that folds down?
I went to the corbin website and the "Dual Tour Saddle" caught my eye. It has removable back rest. I didn't like the chrome studs that much but the concept is good. Anyone have experience with this seat? Is Kingofwings a "Young Guns Saddle"?
I have an interest. I use the Mustang seat wich is two pieces. I use mostly the solo seat. I would like to have a backrest/sissy bar that attachs to the passenegr pillion, or maybe a corbin seat with backrest that I could switch seats for the few times a year my wife rides with me.
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