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Well my 1988 GPX750 turned out to be a 1986 GPX750R - so far so good. Gave the engine an oil change and when replacing the filter found the oil fence was on top of the filter instead of under it like the manual shows, so put it back the right way.
Then about two months ago I noticed a ticking noise coming from the engine when I braked hard. I thought it may have been time to reset the rockers. After a week of thinking I noticed the ticking also occurred when the engine was warmed up and on
idle - but the ticking went away if I leaned the bike to either side or I raised the revs a little???
Took off the rocker cover found settings appeared to be "all over the shop" but the bike still went well - good power no missing. I will have a go at just about anything mechanical but this one had me beat.
So- good time to send it to the dealer and get it done properly.
Diagnosis #1 - worn rocker shaft and stretched rocker. On removal ( I didn't know you could check these in place??) the shaft & rocker were OK but adjuster was full up on one rocker, this was thought to be the ticker.
Diagnosis #2 - Stretched valves!!! Question if the adjuster was fully up, therefore
minimum clearance, why did it tick? No answer!
So I told the dealer to put it all back together and I will just put up with the ticking until something really breaks - that is unless someone has a better idea - guys!!!

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looks like no one has any ideas for your questions, at least here. i would try asking the same thing under the mechanic section. you should get a few of the gear heads to give you something in there. good luck.
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