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Time for... Trailer Question! :P

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Considering this one:
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Also considering putting 2 of my spare Jeep wheels w/ 30" A/Ts on it... What do ya'll think of it?
I'm also looking at the foldable HF trailer and getting some heavy plywood for it... But this one looks a little better to me.
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Not a bad idea, but I don't know how easy a boat trailer will be to find around here :p
We were looking for a boat trailer (since we're at the coast) a couple of months ago, but then were given an old pop-up tent trailer that was too moldy inside to clean up and use for camping. My bf, Tony, tore it down to the frame in about two hours. We will put new plywood on it and some cargo hooks with tie-down straps and turn it into a bike trailer.
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