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Time for... Trailer Question! :P

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Considering this one:
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Also considering putting 2 of my spare Jeep wheels w/ 30" A/Ts on it... What do ya'll think of it?
I'm also looking at the foldable HF trailer and getting some heavy plywood for it... But this one looks a little better to me.
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If you get a folding trailer, let me know how you like it. We were thinking of getting one to trailer our bikes but can't keep a trailer in our driveway.
So far I've read good reviews and used it to get my bike to the first trackday I went to. A friend has one and he likes it.. But I saw the top one and think I'll like it better :D
If you are getting a non-folder and planning to put your Jeep wheels on it, I'd look for an old boat trailer and modify that. You can probably find one down around $100, spend another $100 for the ramp, floor and some paint and be $150 ahead.

The HF trailers are good, but the real advantage is in the folders, and this one doesn't do that.
Not a bad idea, but I don't know how easy a boat trailer will be to find around here :p

The Jeep wheel think is pretty much a whim thing since I have 5 of them sitting around
I have it set up for only one bike but I think JT had a picture of the same trailer with two bikes on it.
Right, me and a friend took that type of trailer to a trackday.
you would have to put a different axle and probably springs to give you enough clearance which would make the ramp steeper.
True enough. If I got it, I'd probly leave it alone. Although I'm still looking at the non folder with a ramp built in as well :D
The advantage of using your Jeep Wheels, is that if you happen to get a flat, (or *gasp* multiple flats) either on the trailer, or the Jeep, you're assured of having multiple spares that fit. :D
heh, only problem with those and the ones on my Jeep are different type and 2" size difference. Those are my old 30" A/T's, while the ones on the Jeep now are 32" M/T's. But no matter what I do, the trailer will have a spare with it... and my Jeep always has a spare bolted on the back
just looked on HF, the 12" is $40. still not that bad for tire and rim.
I might make a trip to our HF store this week... I love having one around! Plus I need to see about a new winch for the Heep :p

Yea, 12's were what I was thinking about in the first place. I've heard some bad things about bearings overheating on interstate with the 8's
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