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I'm the original owner of my '86 600 Ninja, which was laid up for no really good reason in 1996 with 15K miles on it. It's now being brought back from the dead.

It's equipped with Metzeler ME33 Comp K front/ME1 tires at the moment, with practically no wear, but unfortunately they're 15 year old, and rock-hard. :frown:

I have been a Metzeler guy all my life, so my natural inclination is to replace them with the Metzeler Lasertecs, which are nominally the same tires (actually updated versions of the ME33 Laser and ME55 Metronic), but before I did, I wanted to ask if anybody had a compelling reason for choosing something else? I've heard good things about the Bridgestone BT45 and the Pirelli Demon.

So, what say all of you? I am planning on buying my new tires next week.

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!
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