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Time to Ride
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Okay guys..........I had one of the main people for this event write me an E-mail for me to post for y'all. Again, anything you do for these kids is appreciated. There is an old Catholic school story.

" 2 people go to church each week, 1 a rich banker, another a poor old lady who can barely eat and wears rags. Each week the banker throws a couple of dollars in the collection plate, the old lady, 2 or 3 pennies. They both die and go to heaven on the same day. The old lady is welcomed with open arms and treated like a queen, the banker, largely ignored. When he asks why, the lord tells him. SHe had nothing to give, but put herself and her own needs second, she gave from the heart "

The moral, it is not how much, but that it comes from your heart, once again, I wish to thanks everyone that is even thinking of coming, that alone means a lot. If you do come, be forewarned, it is a tough visit, and I have been told that even hardened bikers have trouble controlling themselves at the sight of these kids. Again, I will offer if anyone needs it, to meet in buena park early to ride over with you

Mark, this is not an all day event. it's over by 1:00pm at the latest.

this event is the same day as the Love Ride, but unlike that event, the One More from the Heart Run has ZERO overhead costs and 100% of all donations go directly to the facility and its kids/patients who depend on this annual event for desperately needed items such as blankets, crib sheets, dvds/videos, batteries, toys, etc. there are no celebrities, no ride pins, no poker run, no ride fees: it's just a nice thing to do! the staff at the facility spoil us with treats, allow us to tour the hospital and meet many of the children face-to-face. many of the children/patients have been abandoned by their families and look forward to our visit and all of the children are dependent on technology for their survival.

November 11- "One More From the Heart" Run

Mt. View Totally Kids Specialty Health Care Center - 1720 Mountain View Ave., Loma Linda, CA 92354
Sign-in - Chopper Place - 4791 Doane Ave., Riverside 92505; Leaves at 10:00 am SHARP. Or Arrive at the center by 10:45 am
Call HR @951-279-4370 or email [email protected]
The wish list is specific for the items to donate or money will do.
batteries, all sizes/ infant clothing/ infant mobiles/ infant toys/ highchairs (reclining)/ bouncers/ boppy pillows/ cd players/ twin blankets/ twin comforters/ twin sheet sets/ backpacks/ socks (all sizes)/ crib sheets and comforters/ dvd's rated G & PG/ cd's/ toys for 1 to 3 years/ art supplies (crayons, paper, washable paint, markers)/ hair accessories/ children's clothing (all sizes)/ hats and beanies/ sunglasses (children & adult sizes)/ bibs/ body pillows/ infant bottles, spoons and dishes/ infant swings.
staging info: meet at the Shell Station on Alabama Ave., Redlands at 8:30am w/kickstands up at 8:45am or just meet directly at the Chopper Place. if we get separated, we can regroup at Totally Kids. if you want breakfast, walk over to the IHOP at 7:30am at the staging site. The event is usually over by noon.
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