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transmission lockup Vulcan 1500

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Had a disturbing thing happen last week. I was riding my '97 Vulcan 1500 Classic with wife on back, and was traveling approx 30mph, when I heard a racheting sound(akin to missed shift rattle), 2 loud clunks, and the the rear wheel locked up :cry: ! There I was, in the middle of the road, unable to budge the bike. The shift lever will move, but does not change anything. I have not yet looked at it, it's been raining & I have no garage. Has anyone out there heard of this happening? or have any suggestions/info they could share? This could have been alot uglier scene had I been going 65mph, as I had been just minutes before this happened.
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bummer man, glad you where not going 65mph like you had been. would have been a bad scene :shock:
its not gonna be good news about the tranny, your gonna have to pull the motor (after your 100% positive its the tranny) and pull it apart till you find the problem or send it to a shop for the same.
not much you can do cause it happens.
good luck :wink:
its really not as simple as that. you need a manual so you can look and see what needs done.
the easiest thing that i can think of for you is ........
remove rear wheel
pull entire hub/driveshaft off/out of bike
put RIM/TIRE ONLY back on bike with axle. it will atleast allow you to move the bike around.
good luck
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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