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transmission lockup Vulcan 1500

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Had a disturbing thing happen last week. I was riding my '97 Vulcan 1500 Classic with wife on back, and was traveling approx 30mph, when I heard a racheting sound(akin to missed shift rattle), 2 loud clunks, and the the rear wheel locked up :cry: ! There I was, in the middle of the road, unable to budge the bike. The shift lever will move, but does not change anything. I have not yet looked at it, it's been raining & I have no garage. Has anyone out there heard of this happening? or have any suggestions/info they could share? This could have been alot uglier scene had I been going 65mph, as I had been just minutes before this happened.
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Sundance: this is a major bummer. You got the bike home so I guess you can get it to some friends garage (you really need to be inside). AND, you need to jack up the rear wheel and remove it. Keep the bike on the front wheel and band the front brake so it will not move. You'll need to disconnect the rear exhaust pipe to allow removal of the rear brake mounting bracket (you do not have to disconnect the hydraulic line to the rear brake). Once you slide the drive axle out, you can move the wheel toward exhaust side and disengage the splined hub from the wheel.
Once you have the rear wheel off, you will have to remove the 4 fasteners holding the rear end gear unit - I believe the rear shock mount will need to be also disconnected. Once the rear end unit is off, check to see it is not the culprit (due to a jammed gear or bearing, etc.) If you still have to go further and remove the drive shaft, you will need to pull back the rubber cover over the forward part of the drive shaft and push in a small spring loaded pin that keeps the drive shaft from sliding out. Once you have the pin pushed in, the shaft should slide out and you should be able to remount the rear axle and wheel to roll the bike.
I may have left out some auxiliary removal item, but this is basically it.

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