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Trickle Battery Charger and Storage

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I have two bikes that will be stored most of the winter – I am looking at getting a trickle charger for each to keep the batteries charged (a Yamaha 50 electric start and an 05 Vulcan 500). What are your recommendations for unhooking the battery vs keeping it wired up? Any good recommendations for a brand that works good – what should I look for? I am looking at one Advanced auto parts offers Advance Auto Parts - In-Store Specials it is a SCHUMACHER Fully Automatic Battery Charger for $24 – does anyone have this one – are you happy with it – any other recommendations?
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Do a search here on battery tender and you will find all of the info that you are looking for.
You probably do not need two battery conditioners. Hook each battery up one at a time, at least overnight and then swap. You can wait for another week or two and then hook the batteries back again. I never leave my battery conditioner hooked up all winter long.
get the tender for 2 batteries and the leads that allow hookup on the batteries.. that is what I did last winter and it worked very well.
+1 Battery Tender. You can leave it connected 24/7 and it won't overcharge the battery. The standard chargers will damage the battery if left connected for extended periods... "trickle" chargers are okay for a day or two.
I charge my motorcycle batteries with a 1 amp trickle charger and maintain the batteries fully charged while the bikes are in hibernation with 1.8 watt solar chargers hung on the bike windshields, facing a window. I've had diesel truck batteries last up to 8 years this way.
I use of these from Harbor Freight:

Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

I cut off the clip ends and installed a plug so I could sway out the clip ends with a cirgarette lighter plug. This way I can either clip it to the MC battery, or plug it into the cigarette lighter of the MGB and keep it's battery conditioned as well!
battery tender makes one that does two at a time.
battery tender makes one that does two at a time.
Ya, but Chaparral has got the standard ("Plus", not the "Jr.") on sale for $35 (list is $60).... the Battery Tender Twin is $170.
Super Smart Battery Tender Plus - Chaparral Motorsports

BTK might be able to offer a comparable price.

PLUS... this way if one dies, you still have one, and the bikes don't have to be stored together.
Cruser Customizing has the Tender Jr. Works just fine.

Battery Tender Battery Tender Junior - 12V @ 0.75A
Tender Jr lacks temperature compensation. That's perhaps not a big deal if temps are pretty constant, but if the garage is heated but not maintained at a constant temperature, or if there are dramatic swings in night to daytime temps, it can overcharge in some cases.

It would be fine to hook it up for a few hours a week, but I wouldn't leave it plugged in 24/7 for 3 months.

For only $5 more, I'd get the Plus (and I did get the Plus for my dirtbike).

Then again, the Jr. is $10 less at Chaparral:
- Chaparral Motorsports
I'd pay the extra 10 bucks for something thats built better. Buy the right tools once, is how I look at it.
it is a SCHUMACHER Fully Automatic Battery Charger for $24 – does anyone have this one – are you happy with it – any other recommendations?
I believe that is the one I have-at least that is the brand.
It worked well last year and my wife got one for her bike too this year.
Oh, and they can be found around town, Advanced Auto Parts, Wal-Mart, etc.
I went with the float charger from Harbor Freight. On sale recently for $4.99.
One for each motorcycle and the lawnmower came to $15.
Thanks for all the help thus far - very helpful.
bought one today...

Went to my local Kawasaki dealer and they were out of the Tenders but had a Bike Master automatic battery charger in stock for $30.00. Its a two stage charger with the safety shut off as well. My dealer said he sells plenty of them and that they work fine. It comes with a 5 year warranty.
Any one know anything about these, good or bad?
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