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Trip To Sc And Back

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My wife and I went to our daughters home in Summerville, SC for the big meal and spoil the grandchildren a little. She drove her Durango with the dog and I rode my Nomad (she's staying an extra week (and the dog at the request of the grandchildren) and I have to work). Left Newport News, VA on Wednesday with good temps (70's) and full sun and 451 miles later were there. Had a great visit, meal, and a short ride with our daughter on Friday then I came home on Saturday.

Temp when I left at 0600 was 50 with a stiff wind, by the time I hit 95, 35 minutes later my hands were hurting like mad from the cold. I stopped at every rest stop between SC and VA to warm them under the hand dryers in the restrooms. I used Frank Thomas glove anti-freeze glove liners and new gore-tex gloves, but they were just not up to the challenge and it's not really cold yet.

While at one stop I ran into an HD Ultra rider. We exchanged a few words about not being the only crazy ones on the road before I left to continue the trip home. He was the only other motorcyclist I saw on the trip home.

Long story short, I made it home ok and it only took four fingers of a good single malt Scotch to warm up.

After this long chat I do have a question. Any recommendations on gloves for cold weather riding? I really don't want to go electric, but may have to and don't want to give up riding this winter because of the cold. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Hi Meandi,

I got the TourMaster Winter Elite gloves a month ago.
Tour Master :: Gloves :: Winter Elite Glove

They are really good. They are just as warm as any ski and snowboarding gloves. I found them at ridegear.com for under $80 and I'm sure they can be found on other websites just as cheap. They are a little thicker in the palm compared to other gloves. It reduces your feel for the grips and controls a little, but thats what you need to keep warm, and you get used to it after a couple of weeks. I use them on my crotch rocket as well and they're great. If you were to buy these, I would recommend using the sizing chart on Tourmasters website and then getting 1 size larger. If it wasn't such a hassle sending online purchases back I would have gotten a size bigger.

Another option would be to install grip warmers. They're pretty cheap. About $50 for the grip and wire combo or $10 for the ones that go on underneath custom grips. All you have to do is worry about installation.
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