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Two Days!

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Well, I pick up my new Ninja 500 on Saturday. My local dealer found me one and made me a great deal on it! Guess what I will be doing on my 3 day Memorial Day weekend?

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I remember my first weekend, MSF course during the day and 100+ miles a night. Congrats on the new bike and welcome to the forum.
:lol: Good for you! Be careful with break-in. I love my 500R.
Congrats and welcome! Guess you won't get much sleep tonight! :D
Welcome!! :wink:
Take it easy on your "break-in" an watch out for those "Cages!!!"
good lcuk, love your avatat as well, Careful that you don't hit the clutch with some revs on the engine, it'll flip right over, with you on it. So.......good luck

Thanks all. And no, I will not get much sleep tonight. If any.
Bad part is rain is moving in Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoon. :(
Well, picked it up Saturday afternoon. Made it home and it started raining. :cry: Rained all day Sunday. :cry: :cry: Finally a nice day today. Put about 150 miles on it. LOVE the bike. Only two complaints. Well, guess one is with my riding jacket. Bought a Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket. Really like it. With all the armor on the elbows they stick out so far with the close inset review mirrors I cannot see directly behind me without leaning my head way over. Any way to extend the mirrors out? Not going to loose my armor. Guess the only problem with the bike is the break in. I mean keep it under 4000 rpm for 500 mile and 6000 for the next 500! I let the clutch out and I'm at 4000! In 6th gear at 4000 rpm is 53 miles an hour. :( Oh well, guess I am going to have to do a long back road trip. But keeping it under 4000 is about to kill me. :shock:
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lol, I here ya, your best bet i to find some twisty road next to a free way. 55mph limit. We have lots of roads around here that seem like they were MADE just for sportbikes. Hell, i have fun just riding passenger on them!

Just across that muddy river you have the Mark Twain National Forest in Southern MO and it is a hoot to travel down the highway and then have to slow to 45 then 35 maybe even stop before getting back up to 55 mph again...hreat us highways that just keep going winding and cool..what a blast...Wish I was riding with you...show you first hand the highways...61-63 something like that ...haven't ben out that way since I ws stationed in Memphis, TN...love the forest and highways winding through them..AR was the scariest place that I ever was...One night screaming from KC, Kansas through the forest I almost ran over a horse and a fellow leading the horse down the middle of the two lane hihgway...I stopped and asked him if he was ok...he said yeah, I'm just to drunk to ride, and i'm on my way home...he couldn't walk on the edge of the road because it was some 25-40 foot drop offs...really!
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