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types of paint

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Ok im going to "try" and ask this question i hope i make sense.

On my first bike a 1978 Kz650Sr i had it painted from a 1969-70 dodge. I believe the color was called Plum crazy... I love that color.

my bike is a 2005 vulcan 2000 green. here is the color rite color
ColorRite::Options I noticed what TYPE of paint it is.

Now the color i would like again, the plug crazy im guessing maybe that paint is Not Urethane? So if it is not Urethane is there a strength difference between the paint? BTW i know NOTHING about paint. So treat me as someone that knows Nothing about paint.. lol what is the advantages of Urethane?

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There are several types of auto paint. You can get your color in any form. Arcylic Enamel, Urethane Single stage, or two stage. and an awfle lot of in between. If you are painting it yourself for the first time I suggest Urethane/ single stage. Single stage means it is a one step paint. The UV clear is premixed so you lay down a nice layer and the clear surfaces, no need for a clear coat. Any paint retailer will set you up. You will need to find the paint code for "plum crazy" so it can be mixed. A good retail paint shop can sell you a can they mix and charge on site, with practice a bike would be easy. You can also pick up a good touch up gun for about 80 bucks and with a air compresser and filter go for the two stage quality.
Do you know anything about removing paint from like rotors and calibers...? i painted them green with cans of paint from color-rite.. if i want a new color i might not want to pay someone to paint them items. I might want to bring them back to the dull grey stock. any chemicals to remove the paint?

I have not used color rite but I have to assume it is a urethane base and any automotive paint stripper will remove it. DO NOT get the stripper on any rubber parts or you will be replacing them. You can also try a reducer soaked rag. Wire brushes also work if you want it down to bare metal. If you are going to repaint rough it up and clean it up and paint. Make sure to use a de greasing agent and wipe it with reducer prior to paint
If it is factory paint you can find the paint code on the net

Drop Paul (Dodge dealership service manager - my neighbor - Chris knows him) an email and maybe he can get the paint source and codes from his body shop. If he can't, I bet Marty could get the info.
i believe i will be able to get the paint code. im just wondering if an enamel paint is durable and if the clearcoat that goes with that type of paint is as strong as the paint they use now from the OEM? Im worrying about easy chipping etc.. I got a nice chip in my paint now! 8(

Paint chips happen. Enamel is brittle (and cheap), go with the urethanes. OEM is a two stage product. if your chipped to the metal you went thru the base coats.
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