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Ugh -- My helmet took a fall without me knowing

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Darnit; I just got a brand new helmet a few weeks ago for my 900, and was storing it on a washing machine box in the garage. Well, turns out we had a leak in the garage, and when combined with the **** rain from the storm San Fran had, caused the box to collapse, dropping my new helmet about 4 feet or so.

The damage? About a square inch work of scratches and scuff marks on the backside. The scratches aren't very deep, so aside from the lesser aesthetics, is the still okay to wear?
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It's your head Red, ??????????
It's your head Red, ??????????
Thanks, I wasn't sure about that :tongue:

I'm wondering if the helmet is still safe to wear if the damage appears to only be cosmetic?
Bummer...New helmet falling to the ground like that.
Should still be OK to wear and protct your head.
I would wear it. You just don't want to wear a helmet that had weight inside it (like your head) when it dropped. 4 ft drop isn't much.
It's fine with it being in the box and only falling 4 feet.
+1... it's fine
insurance companies, and even some manufacturers would say if the helmet fell off the seat of your bike onto the ground its no good, shock can do "unseen" damage- but NO ONE in there right mind would trash a brand new helmet from something so light, i guess in the end its really up to you...:|
I would says its fine. If you have loads of cash and worried, buy a new one. Its your choice and peace of mind at the end of the day but IMO I would just wear the skid lid !!
yeah..............ive often wondered how many people would REALLY replace a 3-400 dollar helmet cause it got dropped. unless mine cracked or split open i aint replacing it. MOO
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