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Hi all,

I layed my Black Betty down today (aarrrgghhh!!!!) and broke the footrests on the right hand side. She's an old-timer, so I haven't been able to locate the parts on the Net, search as I may.

I need the footrests urgently, but could also use the footrest/break assembly (right side) and break lever (right side). A new wind screen and front (right) blinker cover is also on the shopping list.

Any idea where I might lay my hands on these parts asap.??

Thanks in advance for any leads. Much appreciated.


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Contact beartooth kawasaki 800-556-3098.

These are prices prior to shipping charges and freight so they may be more.

ka43001-1261-ce $93.18 Brake lever pedal
That means that you have all the other parts to the brake pedal as that part number is the pedal only!

ka34028-5018 Footrest rt side $51.43
ka34028-5017 Footrest rt side $51.43 passenger

You might as well buy an aftermarket windscreen as they are about $214.00 ka39154-1090

check www.kawasaki.com for part number on your bike - It's listed as ZX-10 or ZX1000 B1 for 1988
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