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Does anybody have a manual for later (1980 and newer) KE/KD175? I am looking for the resistance specs for the external spark plug coil: Resistance from primary wire to ground (metal bar) and resistance from Spark plug lead to ground (metal bar).

I have an 1974 F7 and am wondering if I can use a Late Model KE175 coil. The F7 and earlier KE175's use 21121-039 while the 1980 and later KE175s use 21121-1012 (supersede 21121-1254). Both bikes appear to be CDI 6V systems and the coils appear very similar with the only visual difference is that the F7 has two primary wires while the KE has only one. The wires must be spliced together on the F7 (at least my mult-meter tells me so). I can easily modify the connectors, but didn't know if the electrical specs are the same.

The F7 NOS coils are very hard to find (and very pricey!!) and I haven't found a used F7 one yet that had good resistance in the primary. Everyone I find reads 0 ohms (I have tried multiple meters and coils, so I am pretty sure I am reading it correctly.)

The F7 Specs are 0.21 Ohms for primary and 1,800 Ohms secondary.

Appreciate any input on the electrical specs or if anyone knows the interchangeability assuming a connector change (or bracket mod if required.)


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