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Email sent March 23, 2020 to Stan and others.

Subject: The demise of Stan's Loctite 7649 Primer

So, with the advent of self-isolation we find ourselves with lots of free time. Hence this lengthy email that need not be read…the subject line says it all.

I have learned that “shelf life” does not always mean the product is bad; it can also mean the packaging or product container has gone bad.

I went to use the Loctite primer that my brother-in-law Stan kindly loaned to me, and well, it’s a good thing I was wearing a respirator and gloves and it’s a darn good thing I used it outdoors. The label says it’s really bad stuff to breathe or get on your skin so I took the normal precautions.

Stan had written on this aerosol can of Loctite primer that it was new in 2004. That was my first ignored clue to not use the product.

The instant I went to give a shot of primer to my motorcycle parts, the spray button jammed down, but the spray was not coming out of the nozzle like it should. It was coming out from underneath the very large spray button and it was going in uncontrollable directions soaking my gloves as I wrestled with the button trying to either remove it or at least lift it up to stop the leak. No luck.

I ran into the basement to fetch a screwdriver and tried to pop the button off. No luck. The button came off but that did not halt the leak.

I ran back into the basement and got a pair of needle nose pliers to pull up on the tiny supply tube. No luck, although I got it to a slower leak which allowed a closer look.

The root cause of this disaster was a sheared o-ring that had been installed by the manufacturer out of sight below a rolled metal lip. Half of the o-ring was now outside the can and the other half down in the can. So, with age, the o-ring had dried up and gone brittle. Operating the spray button sheared the o-ring causing the leak.

The can now sits at the far edge of my carport as it exhales its last few dying breaths.

Stan’s Loctite Primer 7649
May it rest in peace.

Sorry Stan… I killed it.
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