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V&H Cruzers

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Well, with all of you guys out there getting new pipes, I felt it was my turn to join in on the fun. I just ordered a set of V&H Cruzers for my 800 Classic. I got them off of Ebay for 335.00 with 5.00 shipping. That, and Pay Pal was doing a 6 months same as cash offer with them. Hmm, I couldnt pass it up. I cant wait to hear them compared to my cut out baffle pipes. I guess the intake and rejet are next. I was thinking of grampsizing. Has anyone done this yet?

Take care all

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I have the V&H cruzers on my 800A. I think they sound good, they are loud enough, but not so loud to give you a headache. I don't know how loud your pipes are with the baffles cut out, but I think you'll like the Vance & Hines.

Ride safe!
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