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V&H Long Shots - Baffle Question

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So I have a '97 Vulcan 1500 Classic (VN1500-D2) which had V&H Long Shots when I bought it a few years ago. The exhaust is louder than I would like and I was wondering if anyone can recommend baffles that would tone it down considerably? I tried these off of Amazon with the wrap and it's just as loud as with the previous baffles without wrap (previously installed baffles don't have any room to add wrap). Any suggestions?
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Go find a couple long "can-opener" universal motorcycle baffles that will fit inside the V&H pipes. I'd weld a steel locknut to the inside of the big end, if you can't use the V&H mounting hole, Drill a mounting hole in each pipe several inches in at the 7 o'clock position looking from the rear, These can be somewhat tuned by shortening them. Even the short ones made the V&H on my 800 Vulcan sound good.

Like these, verify the ID of your pipes before ordering. Or, if you have an aftermarket mc shop around, they may have bin-boxes of different sizes.

Side benefit - with a bit more back pressure I got back some low and mid-range power.
I'd add that the problem with a lot of these so-called baffles is they may meet the legal definition, but like the ones in your link, they still leave an open path for at least part of the sound wave and the narrow part with the packing leaves no path for the sound to go through the packing so they really do little to nothing. check the pics in the link I posted above, these break up and slow the sound pulse a bit, you get a quieter, deeper tone. The V&H on my 800 had the openings in their "baffles" facing rearward, so they did absolutely nothing except kill a bit of the "tinny" sound from open pipes. The can-opener ones got rid of that ear-splitting "bark" at highway speeds
Thanks for the suggestions. I've seen those type advertised. I'll give them a shot. I will post back with my results.
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Might be best to go back to stock , maybe drill a few relief holes for better sound ....
If you are going to pack the mufflers, Google Ceramic Muffler packing. I used the stuff on the link below. This weave does not come apart, the bike cannot make enough heat to destroy them, and you can really wrap till you get the sound and back pressure you want. The stainless steel ties are great for making qa nice packed insert.:)

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