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Ok, so I have heard that the bigger tire you run, on a stock set-up, is a 240. How about wheels? I don't particularly care for the stocks that are on the bike, but I don't what size I can replace the front or back wheel with. I would like to stick with the stock set-up so Im only looking to run a 240 on the back, but would like to get an 18" wheel in the back and how tall can I go in the front?

Anyone have places in mind that have different tire and wheel combos for the V2k, anyone have pics of their own experience?

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Britt Motorsports in Wilmington, NC does a lot of custom work on V2ks, thats where I got mine.

If you give them a call they can give you real world experience on what will fit.

You can find their website by googling Brittmotorsports.

Good luck!!
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