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Valves sticking on Mule 2500

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After repeated problems of a sticking valve causing the Mule to (barely) run on one cylinder, my local dealer made a modification which he said would solve the problem. Now the problem has not only continued, but became worse recurring twice within 6 months. Is there a solution or should I dump it and buy somehting else?
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No Stormdragon, it is not new but has been "repaired" several times.

Thanks Zedx11, I will check to see if the pushrod has become unseated. I tried working on it myself the first time the problem occurred and broke the valve spring.

I was hoping someone would report that they had a similar problem but it was successfully fixed by xyz dealership and that the solution was published in Kawsaki bulletin #___ for other dealers.

I did not get details at the time, but the modification was supposed to increase the clearance through the valve guides.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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