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Valves sticking on Mule 2500

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After repeated problems of a sticking valve causing the Mule to (barely) run on one cylinder, my local dealer made a modification which he said would solve the problem. Now the problem has not only continued, but became worse recurring twice within 6 months. Is there a solution or should I dump it and buy somehting else?
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the valve springs are so weak on those things that they usually end up with the push rod unseating themselves. making it run on one cylinder.
usually it is the front cyl. I've seen it on a few. check to make sure the pushrod isn't bent. adjust the valves. you have to make sure you are within tolerance, like I said, the valve springs are weak and you can push the valve down with a feeler gage if you are not careful.
they probably should have replaced the valves, and pushrods, done a valve adjustment
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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