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vaporgas, My SSDI is based upon the money that I paid into the SSD system working over 35 years in my life. I had surgery on my back because I had a herinia bleeding inside 1 1/2" rip and the emergency surgery fixed it. Then the Neuro surgeon(S) and the US Army at Ft. Leavenworth put me through a battery of MRI, CAT Scans and so forth till they found that I had 3 Herniated disks in my back that were squishing my nerves in my spinal column, and I no longer had any feeling in either legs or feet. After losing bladder and such control they put me in the hospital. They would literally have my head turned and stick me deep with pins or just touch me an dit didn't matter I would bleed an not feel anything one way or the other. After a full a partial Lamenectomy (Fusion with cages) Full on my S1-L5, partial on my L5-L4, and the to close o the nerves to do anything on my L4-L3, they closed me up and had to see what was going to happen. Initially I had feeling and was really excited and went through the physical therapy program untill tey found out that I had uncontrolable muscle spasms during some exercises. Shortly after they stopped my PT I lost almost all feeling except for the tingling like you get when you cross a leg..the burning tingling sinsation of legs and feet both asleep. Then again we could go back to 1997 when I broke my lower left leg when I slipped on Ice and dropped a 10X16 log for the fireplace just above the ankle one bone on the inside just above the ankle 4 screws, and the outer leg bone broke in two places 3" apart so I have a plate and 8 or 10 screws there too. We could go further back and find that I'm retired with 40% disability, left knee has had 3 scopes (NO lateral miniscus left so I need a new knee), Let wrist broken 3 times, no high frequency hearing in my left ear, Asbestous Program for ripping out asbestous in the Navy without anything but a pair of safety glasses and cotton gloves. Alergies, asthma, PTSD from the tail end of Viet Nam, a Typhoon at sea that nearly sank the ship, witnessed 3 suicides, 2 homicides, many drug related OD's , stood in front (actually had my back to a loaded .45 when the PC Filipino Constable, had it pointed at my shipmate, instead of the Filipino that started the trouble...Vision I wear glasses, I served my time so that poeple here in the United States could have their so called freedom. I put more money into the system than I will get out of it. I'm on Nexium (Asbestos ripouts?) because I have internal bleeding for the past 20 years, I've been scoped down the throat, up the butt, I'm being treated for Severe Depression...I cannot ride a cruiser or even drive my pride and joy 1974 Camaro that I have about $20,000.00 into it with FlowFit seats, engine ,transmission tires, wheels, fully adjustable racing swaybars, welding cable and all running my battery from the trunk...But I can ride a 250R a 500R as long as I don't get crazy. I have pain pills by the bottle and I have weaned down so that when I do ride that I can take one before bed or even one in the morning and not feel my back pain. My Dr's and therapsist (LSW,LSCSW) Licensed Social Worker, Licesed Clinical Social Worker, even my Neurologist, even the Federal Judge say that I will soon be in a wheel chair. I may not have full feeling in my feet and legs, but I can ride and I want to ride on two wheels before I have to switch to three wheels. Prolonged walking, maybe even riding will require paper underware. Am I embarrased...Who gives a rats hiney? As long as I can ride it's my business. I have never hurt anybody drinking, or while on meds. IF I get a buzz (very seldom) off of my meds even while I was on my trip to CA. I either stop for the night and get a room, or lay down inthe back of the Windstar and take one of my Super-Duper Sleeping pills 20minutes later, I'm jelly. So if YOu or anybody have a gripe about my situation and my desire to continue to ride...send it on...I say I'm part of a soultion, not part of a problem. I still pay taxes Federal , State, County, my school taxes alone are over $800.00/month each year, my Kansas state Personal Property taxes are paid not only for my house, cars, truck, motorcycle but even a gravel floor barn and even a 10X18 wooden back porch. I live on a gravel road out here on a farm, I shoot what I want IF I have a license for it, fish if I have a license, nothing is free.
BRING IT ON! I deserve SSDI. I'd say that if you have a problem with it you should write Congressman Dennis Moore (Kansas), oh but then he would tell you that because I'm a disabled veteran he pushed up my payments for SSDI after the Federal Court Approved me for 100%. My WIFE Karen, is on one last kidney. Seems that 30 years ago she had some sort of problem and they had to cut a rib out of the way to scrape out the infected one and had her on massive anit-biodics. Now 30 years later the last one is under 13% functional. Last week after a week in the hospital for a cat bite that put her in the hospital for over a week, the blood tests were so bad that they are making her come back this week. They may have to go in and yank the other kkidney and put her on every-other-day dialysis. then after 6-8 weeks have her sister come out from CA and take one of hers out to give to Karen. During the 3.5 years of fighting for SSDI I sold almost all of my expensive toys. still I owed the Mortgage company nearly $18,000 for being a month behind for 9 months. Just before they foreclosed on the house we received our SSDI an dretroactive pay and signed it over to them. Right now I'm paying $1,785.00/month just until November then it goes back to 1,285/mo but that includes the Personal Property taxes, not house insurance though. When Karen is stable enough to move about 2 years, we are selling out this 3rd generation farm... I need a motorcycle for Physical and mental therapy my Dr. my Neurologist, my Mental health Dr, and thier Social worker, and my Private Social worker all agree that I should ride and shoot, I'm stable enough, and I don't like medications but I take them as presribed (except the pain and sleeping pills, and those are as needed).
So Mr. vaporgas, I hope that you are full of answers now, and not full of misinformation like you were when you made you statement to me about getting a job. I am presently on the Board of Directors of the Gardner Historical Museum, Inc. I'm the Technology Director, and I happen to be penciled in on the Board of Directors at Studebaker Motor Company. I don't need a job. I need my Ninja250R back on the road, and I need to sell my 1974 Camaro Type LT $8,200.00. I seriously await your response.
Lindsey J. Angell
aka ZX-2R
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