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Hello, can anyone offer me any advice on what rack i need to allow me to buy some Givi panniers to fit my bike? I have just bought it (first bike) and it has a Givi top/back box on it already, and i want to add side panniers.

I have looked online and there seems to be some conflicting information, i'm guessing depending on what pannier box you buy will dictate what rack you need to buy, but i don't want to buy the panniers first and find that the corresponding racking doesn't exist.

I'm also confused as to what the Givi 450kit is, as it says i need one if i'm installing panniers independent of the top box, but in other places there are side racks for sale that don't require this kit. for instance the 017BRU0033 looks like it would fit directly to the bike, but doesn't specify which pannier boxed i need to buy.

also, i saw a guide that says the back indicators need to be taken off and repositioned, but there isn't a lot more information on this that i can see.

Can anyone offer any advice??

much appreciated.

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