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I've located two Versys forums. I can't recall where I browsed the posts and found some discussions about the buzz (no, it's actually more of a BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) that comes from the dashboard at about mid-rpms. But, even if it wasn't here, this might be helpful to someone.

I'd isolated the buzz to the dashboard as have others. I was going to dismantle my dash to tighten things up, like others. But this morning when I took the Versys out for a warm-up ride (couldn't do a "real" ride because of ice and snow on the highways), the buzz hit with a real verocity.

Back in the garage, armed with the information others had offered in forum posts, I realized that the cause of the buzz is the plastic cover piece that mounts on top of the speedometer housing. You can easily move it up and down with your fingertips. That unit is what's vibrating.

Since I could lift it up so easily, I just got a good sized flathead screwdriver for leverage. Then I got a piece of old bicycle innertube and cut off a section about two inches wide.

Then I folded the innertube section over on top of itself (keeping the innertube end holes on both edges) and, using the screwdriver to hold up the cover on the left side of where the rubber "sleeve" would fit, I shoved (by hand) the left corner of the forward edge of the innertube (where the single fold was) into the space created by the driver.

Then I just continued to shove the "sleeve" in under the edge of the plastic cover until the entire piece of inner tube was just under the edge of the cover. After that, it was quite easy to just continue pushing the innertube in under the cover edge (using my fingertips) until the double-folded end disappeared under the cover edge.

Ran the bike up to where the buzz hit before and it was silent.

The innertube, when folded over on itself, is thick enough to provide the buffering needed to keep the plastic cover from vibrating.

The whole job took me less than two minutes. Any sort of rubber or foam or whatever would work the same way.

Point is, you don't have to disassemble anything. Just pad the area between the top cover over the speedo assembly and the speedo assembly itself.
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