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Versys650 won’t switch to “ignition”

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Hey everyone!

I’m a fairly new rider with a 2015 Kawsaki Versys 650, I just moved on PCS from Texas to Virginia. After getting my bike from the crate where it was strapped down, the key goes in, turns from “off” to either wheel lock or “on” freely, but will not pass on to ignition.

I’ve tried: turning handlebars, rocking bike, jiggling key, graphite lube, changing the gear, push start.

I don’t think it’s damage to the tumblers, nor do I think the ignition itself is damaged. I think more likely is somewhere in shipment a safety was flipped, but no dealer or mechanic will give suggestions without me bringing it to them (they’re all 70+ miles away, and the idea of paying $250 and waiting 3 days for them to giggle as they unplug and replug a wire isn’t great).

If anyone has a suggestion I’d be ecstatic to hear it! I miss my baby.
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Hmmm, I don't understand what you mean by it will lock or turn on freely but not go to ignition.
Your ignition should only have 3 positions. OFF, LOCK and ON. Sounds like it is working fine.

Perhaps your issue is a dead battery.
RTFM. It sounds like when you say "I’m a fairly new rider..." you are overstating a bit. Are you expecting the bike to start like a car? It doesn't. Your key switch as you describe is correct, you just haven't got the experience to know how to SAFELY start the engine. I'm thinking you should SERIOUSLY consider getting some instruction from someone with experience in these matters before you wind up damaging the bike or worse, injuring yourself. Search in your area for a beginner rider safety course and take it. Start here -> Motorcycle Safety Foundation Home Page, enter your ZIP code. The eCourse is OK but see if they or a community college or a dealership or an independent shop knows of an in-person course to take. Just because you own a Kaw doesn't mean people of all other brands won't help you. They will, no one wants to see or hear of you hurting yourself.

Here's a couple pages from the 2015 Versys 650 manual describing the key switch. Click to enlarge.

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If you don't have an owners manual one can be downloaded for free here -> 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT – Owner's Manual – 177 Pages – PDF
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