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VN 800

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Hi, since a 6 months I bought a second-hand VN800 classic 1997 bike.
It's a very nice and handsome machine.

But I have two questions:

1) I don't have a user manual. Is it possible to find it on the web?

2) I have to choke even in summer to start ,and choke is needed for at least 2 or 3 km. This makes the bike a thirsty one.
For a Harley this seems normal but a Vulcan looks only like a Harley and uses modern technology, so I wonder if maybe something is wrong.
Once the motor is warm, it runs smootly New sparkplugs didn't solve the problem.

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Congrat's on the new ride. Buy some extra toothpaste to get the bug's out of your teeth.<BG> Now the question about the manual, get on ebay an hunt up vulcan's ,I was on there last night an they had plenty of new manuals for $20 or $21 bucks. Make sure it's a clymer's . It's much better than Hayne's. You might even call Beartooth if you want someone to order you one? hope this helps
Run a can or two of sea foam thru it , it help's clean out the carbon in the motor an also cleans out any tarnish on the inside of the carb.Then you can check the air filter (maybe replace?)The reason I mentioned the sea foam is because of the age of the bike an I don't know the maintence that's been done on it?? If you run the sea foam thru it you might want to think about changing the oil. I don't know for sure but some rider's talk about some of the carbon ending up in the oil. Sound 's like it cleans it up pretty good!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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