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VN2000 Opinions.

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im thinking of buying a VN2000, primarily because i think they look great and the performance, not to mention second hand are great value for money.

My only concern is aftermarket parts, im UK based, we dont have a lot here for them, and a search of Ebay UK & USA doesnt throw up too much. I've owned a few Wildstars(Roadstars) in my time and chopped most of them and I'd be intent on doing the same with the VN, custom parts are plentiful for the roadie.

My first mod is usally 16" apes, do 1" bars fit straight on? Being that the bike has such huge road presence inch & a qtr bars would be best i think, can Harley bars be used?

My Wildstars were big bikes and looked great, this seems like a natural progression. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's owned both.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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There are actually getting to be a fair amount of parts for the v2k. It is a great starting point because of the motor and handling. The rest is up to you. Baron, Kewl metal, Texas Metrics are a few suppliers I have used. If you google "vn2000 accessories" you will find lots of different vendors.
I'm sure the resident apemaster, Trikebubble, will be along swiftly to answer your questions. Until then, here's a link to his fine looking v2k.

www.CruiserCustomizing.com - Member Detail
There are a few aftermarket parts for the V2K. I did find a lightbar and a luggage rack (finally) but my choices were VERY limited.

With my Honda, I have a full catalog and so many choices it's tough to decide.
I love my V2k, and have found no shortage of aftermarket parts available. I'd go for the 1 1/4" Apes if I were you, the size of the bike demands big bars. I put 14"'s on my ride, but you should look at the Kong 16"s by Barons.

Best of luck.
V2K's are great cruiser's & go as good as they look , check out West End Motorsports Harley Davidson Parts Yamaha Parts Honda Parts Suzuki Parts Kawasaki Parts for parts "good ppl to deal with IMo" ...
Metric Thunder Motorcycle Parts & Accessories for Honda Cruisers Yamaha v-Star, Kawasaki, Victory, Suzuki parts, Harley-Davidson and more...
is a distributer and has a V2K they modified (good pic's) click on thunder bikes. You can email Thunder Bob he's a great guy with a lot of v2k info.
I'm not sure why anyone would want a V2K.
I'm not sure why anyone would want a V2K.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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