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Have a 2006 VN2000 classic. It has been an awesome sidecar bike. It is attached to a sidecar. I used to have a Nomad attached to the sidecar but it wore out (great bike too).

The problem is that my wife (who used to travel thousands of miles a year with me on the back of the bike) cannot hack the rear pegs. So now she rarely rides with myself and my daughter. The Nomad had lower floorboards that were more comfortable for her. She has hip problems and the pegs are too high.

Anyone please got a fix as I miss having the whole family on the ride. I don't care how ugly it is as long as she is comfortable.

Thanks for the suggestions.

BTW I put a Goodyear Triple T on the back of the bike-shoudl have done that years ago. Thanks for the great advice from this website
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