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VN2000 windshield advise, please

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I've just finished a lot of web searching and I am no closer to a decision than when I began. Its too important/costly to just buy something that looks nice in a photo. I've ridden this new bike about 3000 miles without a shield and usually enjoy that feel. I plan to take some longer trips in the summer and I know I'll be sorry if I don't get a shield. I wear a fullfaced helmet and am not looking for complete protection from the wind. How high must the shield be (relative to my face) to give some wind reduction to my helmet, but not totally isolate me? Ease of removal is an issue also since I'll only want it on for longer rides. I'm also worried about the severe buffeting others have said their shields created......that can be more fatigueing than roadspeed wind. Any advice would be appreciated.
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National Cycle has a quick release system called switchblade. They may have what you're looking for. To stop the buffeting you need lowers. Check out Moxy lowers, not sure if he making them for the 2000 though.

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