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vn2k Progressive shock

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I was wondering who on here owns a vulcan 2000 that installed the progressive replacement rear shock? I wanted to hear impressions about the progressive shock vs. the stock shock..

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I dont know about the progressive shock but i am thinking of going with ohlins
I thought they made only Off road shocks? you have a link to what they have for the vn2k..? Progressive Suspension

They dont give hardly any info as to price or any detailed info on the construction of their shock ..ohlins i mean.. you might want to give progressive a look or at least a read. they give very detailed info on their springs,oil system etc...

I would talk to the folks at Works Performance. They made me a pair of Billet Trackers for my Mean Streak. Big improvement over stock.
I seen a set of WORKS on ebay for like $600 or more for the vn2k. I seen a progressive on phatperformanceparts.com for $349

ill have to give them a call and see what they charge for a custom made rear shock. if your looking for something to read. give a read to this http://www.progressivesuspension.com/pdfs/PSI2007metricCatalog.pdf
I dont know anything about shocks. so i dont know if what they are saying about their shock means they are good or less than good compared to WORKS..? I guess itmight comes down too how much im willing to spend for a single shock.. 8)


link to ohlins, i'm only thinking of ohlins because of their rep for quality forks and shocks, i know they are expensive but...........
hey options are always a good thing...

does anyone know the length of the stroke of the oem rear shock on the VN2000 I know they say wheel travel is 100mm or 4 inches, but i can't find any specs on the oem shock.
This company was recently looking for a test V2K to develop a new air shock for the VN2000. Might be a good way to get a free or reduced cost air shock for someone with a V2K willing to be a guinea pig. The only downside is you would have to get the bike to Phoenix, AZ.

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