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2007 Vulcan classic fi 1500.
Owned 2 years.
Custom intake, exhaust (straight pipes), pistons, fuel Commander.
Two cylinder vents 'marbled' @1" from opening.
Crankcase vent line to vented oil catch can.
50km on new oil. (Amsoil)
Drove 30km around the city. Going down a decent Hill, used engine braking. Approx 300m from bottom, engine suddenly developed a severe "clicking" noise.
No apparent loss of power.
Sounds just like old school 'tappets' but much louder.
Intermittent last few on of journey.
Seems to come from crankcase on left side of bike?
Totally lost, too broke to take to a dealer.
Please help!

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Down low on the left front? A possibility the counterbalancer rubber damperss are worn or hardened up, I've heard they can make noise. Other than looking, I don't know how to check them. #92160A here,

I changed them on my Nomad years ago, not all that tough, Use 4 long bolts with the heads cut off for guide pins when pulling the left side cover, the flywheel magnets will grab the stator on the way off otherwise, still hard to get it off, pull hard. don't turn the motor over and really mark the balancer gear good for realignment where it was.

Only other thing I can think of is possibly a chunk of carbon broke loose in the combustion chamber. My 800 Vulcan did that, Couple hard runs and it went out the tailpipe.

use a mechanics stethoscope or pipe or screwdriver to listen closer.

They're also known for intermittent lifter noises, usually a few highway runs and they quiet down.

Best guesses,,,
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