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Vulcan 1600 Brakes (lack there of)

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I've had my brand new 2003 1600 for about 3 wks now. I have put on 925 miles and love the bike.

At about 800 850 or so my back brakes went mushy. Every once and a while the pedel will go right to the end and I loose back braking power.

I can pump them up and they come back. Then they come back and will last for a while until out of no were they just do again.

I went all day today about 100 miles and no problem. Then I went out after diner and about a mile from home boom the pedle goes all the way down to the end. It happend a few more times and then went away?

Its going in for its break in check up and oil change this week but I'd like to know what was going on

any help would be appreciated.

Eddy G
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Hydraulic brakes...just a bubble of air in the system will cause just what you are describing...keep a logbook, or journal as well as a computer log on the bike an log everything even if it seems to be minor. An occasional missfire...may lead to seeing fuel mileage slipping...plugs, or perhaps valves...usually plugs...keep very accurate records as they are what a mechanic will want to see when, what mileage and how thigs progressed to teh point of what or where they are...Just get it in even early won't hurt...they aren't that picky about being within a block of miles, or so...esp if it is something serious like a brake!!!

i'd bleed the brakes first,then if it continues check the caliper pistons :wink:
I would

I would take it in and have the shop do the job and maybe do everything else on the list for checkup...the key to having any problem fixed is documentation...I'd take it in an dhave it on their paper and let them deal with it...that is what a warranty is for...and if the problem keeps coming up...documentation is a trail of paperwork...that cannot be overlooked....you do the work yourself and ther is no documentation and it is not done by a factory authorized technician, or representative (read mechanic at the dealer).
Vulcan 1600 brakes (or lack thereof)

Your problem is air in the system. If bleeding the system does not work, the most likely culprit is the master cylinder. A master cylinder can suck air in the back with little or no leakage. If you apply light pressure to the brake pedal and the pedal drifts slowly down and hard pressure gets your pedal back, then the master cylinder is definitely suspect. Calipers rarely suck in any air, as they move very little. I agree that since it is under warranty, have a certufied shop correct the problem. My new 1600 Vulcan has 550 miles on it and so far no mechanical problems.

Documemtation is the key, and I thank you for backing me on using the dealer. Once the problem is documented you may find not only replacing the master cylinder, hoses and everyting else won't take care of it, but it will all be covered. IF Kawasaki sells the Braided hoses, then at your expense buy them and let them install them when they do the brake job. I think everyone on the forum will agree that they are better than just the plain stock ones...Please let the forum know what is happening and what they find...or at least what they thought they have found.
Thanks to all,

I got the bike in for its 650 check at 975 last week.

Picked it up Thursday afternnoon and put another 100 + miles on it since with out insident.

The dealer said they bleed the brakes and everything else was fine.

I did have some buzzying that kept me in the garage for a few hours yesturday.

I pulled the lights, light bar, windshield, dash, highway bars, and drove around the block what seamed like 50 times before I found the buzz was a loose clamp on heat shield :evil: **** noise drove me nuts but its all set now.

Eddy G, keep the notebook handy, and make not of all the things that they do and that you do...dates and mileage...at least it wasn't the master cylinder...hopefully, and you won't have any mr problems with your brakes...did yo ask them about stainless steel braided brake lines? something to be considered IF it happens again...
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