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Vulcan 2000 Oil Leak

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Today I was on a ride and after riding for about an hour I noticed that there was oil leaking from the air cleaner. This is the second time that this has happened on this bike in 2 months. The last time that this occured I had it towed to the shop and I was told that there was too much oil in the engin that the overflow tube allowed oil the go the the air cleaner. The dealer fixed the problem olny to find out that I happened again today. I am not sure why this is happening. Any help or information would be appreciated.
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thats the main reason behind getting oil in the air filter. HOW MUCH OIL IS IN THE AIR FILTER NOW ??? if its just a file or very small puddle then it has just built up over time and is now leaking out. i did a TUNE & SERVICE on a big cruiser at work. pulled the air filter cover and got about a 1/2 quart out of it. :shock:
take the cover off and wipe it out, check it again in a couple weeks and see how much has built up again. if its just a film then theres no problem. these bikes seem to push lots of oil with the crankcase pressure. :roll:
Re: Oil in Air Cleaner

Cajunsaint said:
1. Would riding at a high speed for a long distance cause the pressure in the crankcase to force the oil to the air cleaner? On Saturday I went about 65 miles to a friends house and I was crusing on the interstate at about 95 mph. When I got to his house I notice the oil leak.

2. When I got home later that day I removed the air cleaner cover and there was about 3 ounces in the cover of the air cleaner. I cleaned it all out and I will watch to see if more continues to get in the cover.

3. The air filter has oil in the bottom of the element. Will this harm the engine in any way?
1. yes it could, since you spinning the crank faster your creating more crank case pressure, plus the crank case vent goes to the air cleaner housing which is creating suction. so the pressure/suction pulls more oil out of the crankcase.

2. thats pretty typical from what ive seen when working at the shop.

2. wont hurt anything since your air cleaner is always getting oil on it anyways. just keep an eye on the level if you do this alot.
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