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vulcan 750 stops running

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i have a 2002 vulcan 750 i bought new.this has happened about 4 times since i bought the bike.while riding along all of a sudden the bike will act like its running out of gas and it will completely die and won't start untill it sits for about 5 min.when it does start it runs perfect and might not do it again for 2 or 3 months or longer.since it only happens once in a while i have no idea what is causing it.
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well i know exactly what you're talking about since my ZRX also has done this.
from what ive seen on the www.zrxoa.org board im on there are a couple things that can cause this.
1. gas tank CAP VENT gets clogged
2. the vent lines to the carbs get pinched
3. the vent lines that hang down under the bike are in the air stream and cause problems in the atmosphereic pressure
4. ya have a problem with your petcock (if its vacumn operated)
next time this happens pop your gas cap and see if you hear a woosh/hiss of gas vapors escaping.
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