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Vulcan 800 Classic 2005

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Hey this is my first bike and I have few things I need to fix up to get it good and ready. I need to change the tires , brake pads front and rear , and the chain and link I figured while I was at it. Also the front fender was broken off so I ordered that piece and going to put that back on. I was wondering any information or help at all videos links or things to be aware of before starting this. What tools should I have and do I need a motorcycle lift to do all of this. Treat me like a complete beginner which sucks but I am and need any help , thank you in advance.
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I appreciate the responses didn’t think I’d get any! I have a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic 2005 sorry I didn’t specify in the post , I’m about to go back and read through the responses just running around at the moment
First start by telling us what bike you have.
And welcome to the site
Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic 2005 red
Welcome to the club Matt,

My advice, since you have a lot to learn is to use everything that is available to you. Start with research and the very first thing you should do is to get a service manual and an owner's manual if you don't already have these. Read the manuals, watch any relevant YouTube videos, search this site and ask questions on this site.

You will need a set of metric combination wrenches and sockets. A set of hex keys (allen keys), JIS screwdrivers, and a few pairs of pliers. Sets of wrenches are much cheaper than trying to buy them individually.

A lift is very handy for certain jobs like changing your tires. I bought one like the one below on sale for about $75 CDN.

View attachment 42832
Extremely helpful thank you ! I’ve tried looking for videos but I can not find much on the model I have. I have purchased the owner manual but was hoping I can watch some videos as well to give me ideas
No problem Matt, we are happy to help. Your owner's manual won't cover things like changing brakes or tires, so a service manual becomes essential for those that want to do their own maintenance and repairs.

Videos can be good, but often they don't show you every step or they leave out some critical information which is why a service manual should be your starting point. Once you understand the process from the service manual, a video for a bike that is similar to yours will make sense and if it does not, ask here and we will help.
Awesome I’ll look where I can order one from thank you!
I appreciate all the help everyone ! I was also wondering anything I should remain aware of and consider as I have the chain lubricant spray and prior to changing the chain and sprocket as it’s bit rusted do I need to spray it often now or when I have a new one ? I have been keeping the battery on a tenderizer through the winter and would I need to continue to do it now it’s becoming riding seasons ? I’m in New York also
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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