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Vulcan 800 oil in exhaust pipe

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Hey guys so I just bought a 2000 Vulcan 800 Classic from a guy who had it as a project bike but had to clear out his shop.

The bike runs fine as far as he or I can tell but we noticed when we rode the bike to my place it seemed to be burning oil and there was oil dripping out of the tailpipe, both on the rear cylinder. Wondering if it could have just been overfilled at some point or if there might be a mechanical issue? I'm also having to fight the fuel system as the owner before the guy I bought it from disconnected/lost almost all the hoses off the air box so there is no fuel flow in the on or reserve position of the petcock. Could those hoses being disconnected cause this problem as well?
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Is it only Oil or does it smell like there could be Fuel mixed in with the Oil from the Exhaust ?
It's difficult to tell, there seems to be a slight gas smell to it but it looks and feels like semi-clean oil to me
ran it again and found that the rear cylinder is dead. Gonna pull the tank off tomorrow, pull the spark plug and maybe take the valve cover off. wish me luck
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