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OK here is the thing about my headlight assembly; I was premature in offering it for sale:

My new aftermarket light is still with the guy who is going to be doing the painting. Also, my stock headlight is still on my motorcycle that is in storage in a barn out of town.

I have been thinking that it's possible that my quick release windshield may not be removable with the aftermarket headlight on (it rotates down and the new headlight is about 5 inches longer).

I know this is a lot of BS for you to have to deal with but it could be a few weeks before I can get the new headlight painted (my guy will have to stay late at the body shop he works at to do it and he's a total procrastinator), installed and tested.

If you are in a northern state like me it's probably not a big deal because you can't ride now anyway but I just wanted to give you the full skinny on the situation.
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